Published on April 12, 2014 by Old Man Murphy

We scheduled, in February of 2014, for a Creepypasta Community event. The turn out was appalling and very disappointing. When the deadline ran closer, we were met with a slew of complaints and excuses as to why there was a minimal amount of effort. It is with a sad heart, that we must announce, there will be no more community-wide projects, ever!

My condolences to the following people:


CreepMissPasta –


DimensionBucket –

MadameMacabre –


Nowheregirl –

KaylaChaos –

MelodiousMaya –


Margurkatyberius –

B6WritersBlock –
BananaMan – Scotty Perosky
Parrot Boy – Arthur ”Tre” Brown
The Ghost in the Bucket Hat – James
The Girl in the Shawl – Gracie

Chrissy Corazza

Litterbot –

CreepyBabyPasta –

Miss Shadow Lovely –

Creepypasta Jr. –

Music: Get Lucky – Daft Punk

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