2014 Design My F#$@IN’ T-Shirt Contest

I’ve seen a lot of my partners in crime do this, and I thought, what the hell, why not. I have the resources, I can make this happen. So let’s do it original site. Starting April 28th, The 2014 Summer WHP T-Shirt Contest will open. And of course, you need rules right? Fine, here they are:


  • Your design MUST BE SUBMITTED BY May 23, 2014 @ 11:59pm CST
  • Your design MUST be formatted to look good on a BLACK T-Shirt. If you think I’m going to have a pink T-SHIRT in my store, then you can kiss my ass!
  • The Design you enter does not have to be hi-resolution, but you MUST have a hi-resolution design on hand if you win. I will not tolerate low resolution crap on a t-shirt that bears my name.
  • The week starting May 26th, I will post a gallery of allthe entries. You can like and coment on them all you want, but it won’t make a lick of difference, because I’M choosing the winner. This is my fuckin’ T-Shirt Contest… like I’m going to leave it up to you folks to decide what I like.
  • On Friday May 30th, I will announce the winner at 8PM CST, exactly one hour after my usual weekly Creepypasta Video. No need to rush to your email me in a certain amount of time, I will contact YOU.


  • It would be ideal to have a square or possibly vertical design that would fit the front of an untucked t-shirt.
  • You must have a hi-res (150-300dpi) design on hand if you win, but you are allowed to submit a low-res version for display purposes.
  • You MUST submit your email address and name so I can contact you if you win.
  • All Entries must be in by May 23rd 2014 @ 11:59pm CST


  • Simply submit your entry HERE. Fill out the contact form, attach your design and make sure your subject is: T-SHIRT CONTEST ENTRY


  • One (1) Free t-shirt of your design from Spreadshirt.com and a permanent place in the WHP Gift Shop.
  • One (1) Free other item of your choosing from the WHP Gift Shop.

So have your size handy.

I’ve seen lots of other T-Shirt contests where the subject of the t-shirts is the person who is throwing the contest, not the case here. I’m throwing in an extra monkey wrench. If we see ANY instance of Murphy, The Black Jester, Jester-like props (hat, jingle bells, etc.) you will automatically be disqualified. The t-shirt is NOT about Murphy, the t-shirt is about WHP, so come up with a design that you think best represents WellHey Productions in its entirety. Have fun with it. Your content can be as graphic as you see fit, but just remember, if you wouldn’t dare wear it around grandma, then I wouldn’t suggest putting it on a t-shirt.

ALL RIGHT, ARTISTS… best of luck, and let’s get creative!

Fine Print:All Entrants, upon entering this contest relinquish all ownership of art to wellheyproductions for profit.  They will be given credit and linked to the site of their choosing, but all profits from the winning t-shirt will go to wellheyproductions.

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