That Thing Up There

There it is again…

That slow high-pitched metal rattle followed by a soft whimper. It is really starting to freak me out at this point. I know there is something up there, but I???m too scared to look.

I have been hiding here all night and it just stays up there. If I could only see the clock from where I am. I would feel much better knowing how much longer before it leaves. It always seems to leave in the morning, but stays all night long; always above me??? It is relentless.

I loathe it.

That rattle creeps through the air once more followed by an even louder whimper, almost a sob this time, and then??? a gasp. I look out and see something pink and furry bounce in front of me. I recoil back to safety at this thing???s attack, but after it comes to a stop, it refuses to move. I look again and I can see its cold black lifeless eyes gaze into my soul, tempting me to come out, but I cannot.

I am too afraid.

The sob is now followed by what sounds like crying, the rattle becomes much louder as whatever is up there is much more agitated than before. The rattle persists and the crying gets louder. Whatever is up there is just attempting to coax me out of my hiding spot. But I cannot. It will hurt me. It will kill me. I am trapped under its constant torment for the entire evening. I exhale as I come to terms with my fate.

As I do, the rattling suddenly stops. The sobbing stops. The movement… stops. I realize now that whatever is up there now knows that I am down here. It is only a matter of time before it comes for me. I need to act quickly. I need a plan. I need to think. But it is too late. As quickly as the rattling and crying has stopped, there was one more rattle as the creature up there made a very quick jerking movement and all I could do was wait for the inevitable. Then, in a high-pitched squeal, the creature screamed at the top of its lungs.



The Beast Under Your Bed by Azzurayelos

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