New Horizons & The Purge

Well, a lot of changes have happened since 2014 started.  I began a new, higher paying job at the end of December 2013, I was able to finally upgrade my equipment from the antiquated dinosaur I was running off of.  My numbers on YouTube and Broadband have been going through the roof. So I’ve decided to keep the good karma rolling by rolling out a new look for WHP.  In the coming weeks, WHP will be getting a much needed facelift.  The developers of my current theme have seemed more and more despondent until I decided to cancel my account with them.  And just like a an ex-girlfriend or a former phone provider, they pleaded for me to change my mind.  Nah, not having any of it.  It’s time to move on.  The new site will me more sleek, more responsive, and hopefully load a buttload faster.

I actually looked it up, BUTTLOAD is an actual unit of measurement:

A butt is defined to be 2 hogsheads, which in the US is 63 gallons. So now you know… a buttload is when you have a ton of booze and you don’t want to count in hogsheads.

And know you know, you can’t un-know it.  So please pardon our dust as we upgrade the site and implement the new look and feel.

Along with moving forward with WHP, I have noticed that the vast majority of the members here have never participated in ANYTHING!  No comments, no contest submission, not even a complaint. So, when the new site rolls in, many of you will be rolling out, unless you start participating.  How can you participate? Simple, post a comment, rate a video or post, ANYTHING to show me that you people are actually alive out there.

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  • Sethvis 4 years ago

    *Looks up from his laughter filled cell* I”m here


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