Murphy1976: The Anti-Social Justice Warrior

I think I have made it pretty well known from my videos and my rants on Tumblr that I am against most Social Justice Warriors.  Almost every single one of them have either pissed me off to no end with all of their lingo, their self-righteous indignation, their holier-than-thou attitude, their social triggers, and their social phobias.  Sometime during my life, it became socially acceptable for these retards to sit in the comfort of their own Rascal, wheel it up on top of an ivory pedestal, and shout from the heavens of things you don’t agree with. And it ALSO became socially acceptable for the rest of us to not fight back, in fear that what we might say will trigger them into a socially inept coma. I want to first state that, I do, in fact, believe that there is a legitimate thing as social justice. Calling a racist out on his bigotry, calling a homophobe out on his slander, calling a sexist out on his misogyny. That’s all good stuff, we need to become a better people, and the only way we can do that is if we keep each other in check and hold ourselves accountable for our own behavior.  But these Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), take their “duty” WAY too far, and they take themselves WAY too seriously.

A Typical Social Justice Warrior

A Typical Social Justice Warrior

Case in point. You have all probably seen this image floating around the internet. A young woman, casually dressed, in a Wal*Mart, holds up two onesies that bear the text, “I’m Just a Stud Muffin” and “Girls Dig Chubby Dudes”. NOw any NORMAL human being would see these as cute and fun. But the expression on this ball of sunshine’s face screams “Your misogynistic views on how boys should see themselves as superior to women is extremely triggering and sexist. By buying these horrible clothing items you are supporting the patriarchal views of Corporate America and therefore are oppressing my views as a female!” Really? You got all that from a 6-month size onesie? Really? The play on words “Stud Muffin” wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact there are two cute little muffins on the same item, would it. Really? The fact that most healthy babies are chubby wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the words “Chicks love Chubby Dudes” would it. Are you actually so self-absorbed in your inability to function socially that you have to turn a infant’s clothing into a message of Vagina Hate? How do you wake up in the morning and function normally in a society that could honestly care less about you and your bullshit propaganda? You must be so oppressed, knowing that men still swoon after women with big breasts and not you, knowing that sex and products that poke fun at social stigmas will always sell, knowing that no matter how much you whine and complain about how your needs aren’t being met, that no one really gives a shit about your needs when they are too busy worrying about their own needs. And apparently, the rest of us worrying about our own needs and not yours is also a trigger, to which I say…. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!? LET BABIES BE BABIES, YOU FAGGOT SJW ORCA CUNT! I can simply tell by your expression that you think you are SOOOOOOO much better than the people that by these, well guess what, Shamu… …they’re cute, they’re funny, and they’re for babies. Here’s the reason WHY they are not offensive. BABIES CAN’T FUCKIN READ! THEY HAVE NO IDEA THAT THEY ARE EVEN WEARING CLOTHES! You could let a baby roam around your house all day wearing nothing and they would be perfectly fine. SHIT, my 3-year old still sheds his Spiderman Underoos just cuz he like the breeze from the fan on his toddler hang-low! I have no problem with it, the mrs, on the other hand is another story. Why are we so fuckin’ preoccupied with all this political bull-shit? And yes, it IS political when you force your stigmas and insecurities and hate on a INFANT, simply because you think, “I’M A STUD MUFFIN” is triggering your homophobic, sexual, rape culture, sand-in-the-fuckin-cunt or what the fuck ever else want to pin on this because you are too much of a shallow self-asorbed fuck-tard to have a decent sense of humor. Let’s also take into account that you are obviously AT WAL*MART, the epitome of high-class fashion and socially acceptable attire! HAVE YOU NOT SEEN “PEOPLE OF WALMART”? There is an entire website that has people from ALL walks of life, and I mean ALL walks of life, pointing out the crude behavior and horrible fashion sense of your everyday WAL*MART Shopper. PEOPLE GO TO WAL*MART IN THEIR MOTHER’S UNDERWEAR FOR FUCK’S SAKE! So don’t come to me, in your gym shorts, wrinkled tee and hair like you just woke up to sprint down here for the new Roll-Back on Pop-Tarts and hold up two very cute onesies and have the FUCKING AUDACITY to say “THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH SOCIETY!” I hope you choke on your fucking Pop-Tart, Bessie!



The other thing, of recent that I’ve had to deal with, is a troubled, young sprite by the name of Lunasdead. Oh, about a month ago, I was ranting like I always do, and when I do rant, I like to drop a couple F-Bombs, that’s the word faggot for those of you playing at home. And I tag, appropriately, for those who do not wish for me to hear such words, PLUS, I usually cite the best explanation of my use of the word faggot at the bottom of the post, the reference is from a Louis C.K. Standup special. Turn the over to 500 degrees and back for approximately 15 minutes, and lo and behold, I get a nasty little message for our Magical Irish friend about how I shouldn’t use the word f*ggot (she can’t even type it) because it is offensive to ALL homo/a/pan/bi/omni-sexual people. Hold the phone, Lassie. I made extra carefully sure to cite my use of the word, and it has NOTHING nor will it EVER reference homosexuals. But apparently, even though I specifically said IN MY RANT, that I do not use that word in reference to homosexuals, I am still a bigot. I chewed her a new one for forcing her triggers and ideals on me, and quickly showed her where to UNFOLLOW me if she was SO offended and oppressed by every little thing I say. Fast forward a few weeks. I got bored one day and decided to search for myself on Tumblr. It’s generally fun to do, I miss a shit ton of fan art and messages, and this gives me a good chance on finally catching what might have been buried on my newsfeed. I scroll down a ways and… well whatdayaknow… Lunasdead had something to say:

@wellheyproductions, I’m feeling fucking amazing enough to say that I pity you, I really do. For one moment of my life I actually wanted to try and cleanse you of your trashyness but nah, I’d rather not, that’d be like trying to clean a rubbish bag. Your whole purpose is to be full of rubbish. People who are so much more ready to carry out a huge fight will find you someday, and you’ll be wrecked. You really should’ve taken me up on my offer to educate you on how to be less of a bigot, but you turned me down by filling more than two pages of your blog with the word f*ggot and being extremely disrespectful towards anyone who has called you out ever since. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep being utter trash. You’re just on the high point of the wave before you crash face first into a pile of dog shit- oh, wait, I mean yourself. Enjoy being a huge bigot. Enjoy being a perfect example of a stuck up, privileged weak white male when someone says ‘Please stop using [offensive word that cannot be applied to yourself]’ Fucking bitch ass cunt faced dick. You’re a weak ass stupid white BOY who can’t stand when a group of people he isn’t part of wants him to stop using and offensive slur that carries the weight of thousands of years of hatecrimes.

Let’s all laugh at the wee little 14-year old who thinks she knows how the world works. Ah, I needed that. I did, indeed respond:

You are so cute when you are angry. Here are some facts that you cannot deny: YOU are the only one who has issue with my language. YOU are the only one who thinks I am a horrible piece of trash and a bigot. YOU are the only one that thinks that attacking me from the comfort of your own blog is doing any damage. YOU constantly say that you are for righteouness and respect and goodness, but in the rant linked above, you call me the following:

  • trash
  • rubbish bag
  • my whole purpose is rubbish
  • bigot
  • utter trash
  • pile of dog shit
  • huge bigot
  • stuck up, privileged weak white male
  • fucking bitch ass cunt faced dick (my personal favorite)
  • weak ass stupid white BOY (had to be all caps, right)

Honey, let’s face it. No one cares about your hatred towards me, not even the LGBTQ Nation. The only thing I have heard from homosexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, omnisexuals and bisexuals, is that it’s just a word, and if they question my use of it, they simple ask and I explain myself. I honestly do not know who you think you are, or what you think you can possibly do to stop me from saying the words that I say on a regular basis, but this is getting old, and quite frankly, your constant harassment and attempted belittling of me is boring. You are nobody special, and you never will be, at least in my eyes. Go pickett someone else who gives a shit about what you have to say. Anything you say from here on out will just be seen as a SJW Temper Tantrum, since that is all you are good for. I applaud do, however, applaud your passion and determination, however misguided is may be. I am not the enemy here. You ability to pick your battles IS. You may want to check YOUR privilege before you think of responding back or including me in another one of your childish immature screaming bouts. Have a nice weekend.

There were some rounds of applause that emanated from around tumblr that day, but I will not get into that. What I DO want to get into was her, meh, half-assed and contradictory apology:

Well, fuck. This is a really half assed apology, I’m not very good when working out what to say, so here goes nothing. I’m a dickbutt queerio who’s a bit of a control freak, I’ll say that truly, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused, I’m sorry for what I said, I’m sorry for being a little shit. I have a shit habit of getting a bit obessed with things I don’t like. You using faggot was one of those things. I’ve began to get help for my flaws. Hopefully, my control freak-ness will be one of those things I’ll be getting help with so maybe then things could work better between us. Yes, I’m looking to put our bullshittery behind us and maybe be friends? Idk. I’m a little shit who likes to be friends with other little shits. We’re both grumpy dickbutts and maybe that could be a starting point for us to maybe forget about what’s been said and done so we could possibly get along. I know you hate social justice warriors. You’ll probably never understand our reasons for being so angry all the time. And I don’t blame you. Sometimes even I myself don’t know why I’m a sj. Is it because I’m always burning for a riot? I dunno. Is it because of the area I live in is built upon the fights for justice? Maybe. Who cares. I’m always looking for a fight and I picked one with you. I regret picking it since now that I’m in a better place and not in a loop of dickery. I see that you’re an ok guy behind all your assholery. We’re both assholes. Simple as. I’m an asshole who craves everything to be completely perfect in my eyes and you’re a stubborn asshole who won’t change a thing if you don’t want to change it, that’s ok, assholes will be assholes and your methods are fine if they make you happy. My hunger for social justice blinded me. I should’ve just ignored the comments I found offensive and adored the content you post anyways. I don’t hate you. If you hate me, ok, we’re Irish, we’re born angry little fuckheads. We’re both fuckheads. You say faggot, I hate the word, it’s in our systems to always hate something at all times. It’s some weird coding of the universe that we’re nearly always fucking pissed at something, whether it be a person, an animal or the damn sky. Fuck you, sky. Tbh, I admit that I’m a fucking idiot. I admit that I look for fights. I admit that I’m a control freak. These are my problems. We all have problems. Mine are just more than little problems tied on, they’re stapled onto my face with staples that are impossible to remove because God enjoys taking a big long piss on my life. I’m a bit bipolar too I guess, which makes me highly sensitive. Fuck. This is turning a bit pity message, isn’t it? Don’t pity me. I don’t need pity. You’ve probably got too much going on in your life to be pitying a shitty little white queer girl. All my threats were empty. There’s not going to be any huge swarm of sjws coming to murder you. I’m a shitty white girl, that wouldn’t happen in a million years. I admit. The internet gives me a feeling of bravery, courage, things I don’t feel in person so I get carried away online. It’s stupid, I know, I know. I’m stupid, I accept it, for threatening people online. I’m a cuntbag, a dickwad, every name in the book of proper insults. I have no ammo except empty words with shitty edges hammered into them. It’s stupid and silly. For me to get angry over you using faggot, I’m not sure how I feel. I know now that it’s part of your humour. I can’t instantly change your humour. At least you’re not making shitty racist jokes. (Grown ass white dudes should be smarter than that. Racist jokes are for little white boys with tiny dicks who are afraid of non-white boys getting more girls than them.) If you want to keep using faggot, sure, go ahead, I’ll just blacklist it since I got a post hiding app on my laptop now. Although I’ll probably miss a lot of stuff lmao… anyways. If you want to use faggot, I don’t care, go ahead. Your humour. My humour, even though it does involve queer jokes, are more of the “that feel when you look at a boy and go ‘shit he’d turn me straight.’” Which is funny because even though I’m pan I always say I’m gay and gay girls only date boys… and everyone always says you’re turned gay… Queer humour. Hahahaaaaaa……. Tbh if there’s anything you don’t want me to see, simply tag it as “#luna don’t look” maybe? Back to my main point/topic/thing. I’m not asking you to change. I’m asking you to forget about what’s went down in the past. I’d quite like to be friends since besides the faggot jokes you seem like a nice dude. I’ve been in a lot of bad places recently which have clouded my vision and made me a pretty shitty person. It made me see you as a pretty shitty person. But I know now. You’re shitty, but not as shitty as I thought you were. I’m shitty, but not as shitty as I was before. We’re all pretty shitty in our own ways. You like offensive humour, I like a different kind of offensive humour, if we put what went down in the past behind us, we could quite possibly get on really well. Tl,dr; I want us to forget about what happened and start over on a a friendly standing point. We’re both fuckasses and if we forgot about what happened we could possibly get on because of that. I’m a dumb butt.

Now I could go on and on and on, about how you CAN’T be “a bit bipolar” or how “we’re both fuckasses”, or how she even started “Well, fuck. This is a really half assed apology”. What matters is that she realized that everything she said was wrong. Will I forgive her for all my time that she wasted, probably not. Will I ever contact her on Skype and start a friendship (she gave me her Skype address, but I omitted it from the post), no way in Hell! Do I still think she has a lot of growing up to do? Fuck yeah! And here’s the reason why I’m OK with all of that. I have enough friends, friends who support and love me for who I am. Why would I change what people love, just because you can’t handle the truths that come out of my mouth? I have no problem making enemies in this world, and I know it’s inevitable to do so while I climb the ladder. Long story short, I hate SJWs. 90% of them are upper-teens to lower 20s and think they know everything. I went through that phase too, but you wanna know what stopped me from getting this out of hand? My parents beat the ever-loving piss outta me. My parent took and active role on teaching me the harsh truths of this world and from that, I grew into an adult who forms his own opinions from careful observation and research. So all of these HOT TOPIC SCARES on all this bullshit topical and social stuff is 90% scare tactics, and I hate that shit, because it wastes me time. It wastes me time, because I could be spending my time being productive… like enjoying porn.

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  • A Bloke 2 years ago

    You care way too much about that person holding up those clothing items.

    A lot is actually wrong with society; irrelevant of that image. This is coming from an engineer.

    The media definitely plays on the insecurities of people.

    The media portrays and sets unrealistic standards. Practically everyone wants a lifestyle that they’ve seen. That lifestyle is basically always a marketing fantasy.

    Fantasy sells. People are obsessed with the images of success. They’re not obsessed with the work it takes to actually get there. Unless you’re extremely privileged; it takes real work.


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