Kickstarter: Creepypasta Comic Book

The Blue man has done it again, and this time, he’s collaborating with some massive artistic and writing talent to bring creepypasta to the front line of the comic book world. If you don’t know Mr. Creepypasta, or just been living under a rock for the past 5 years, he is the utmost YouTube authority on horror and the macabre. And he’s using his recently acquired milestone of 1 Million subscribers to make some fantastic things happen, but he needs your help.

Mr. Creepypasta and follow author Vincent Vena Cava are putting together a Creepypasta Comic Book and you can check out ALL the details on their Kickstarter page


For over a decade now, original, creepy stories have been circulating over the Internet. Many of these tales have gone viral, and have been viewed and shared around the web millions of times. They’ve inspired games, music, art, films, fan-fic, television, and have amassed enormous fandoms all over the world.

Creepypasta is the very first, full-length comic book influenced by these horror stories of the Internet. Our first comic is a full color, 48 page double issue featuring two original tales that will shock and terrify you! These aren’t your grandma’s horror stories; don’t expect to find werewolves or vampires between the pages of this book. The creatures and ghouls of Creepypasta are just as unique as they are frightening. Think of it as a return to the classic, pulp horror comics of the 1950’s, but stylized and written for a new generation of fans!

Both stories will be anchored by the mysterious Blueman, an eerie phantom that lives within the deepest, darkest recesses of the net. He will guide readers through two creepy tales full of hideous monsters and homicidal maniacs.


Now I could regurgitate everything outlined on their Kickstarter page, BUT then why would you need to go to the page and read more up on it, so I’ll keep this brief and only illustrate a few more highlights. Hands down, Vincent and MCP are two of the best creepypasta/horror authors out there, and bringing their visions to a more tangible medium is one of the best ideas I have ever heard of. But we all know that it’s not the story that 100% drives a comic book, it’s the art and they have brought with them three fantastic artists! Chris Oz Fulton, BleedingHeartworks and Teo Gonzales. Their art will ensnare, captivate and leave you with Stockholm Syndrome on an artistic-hostage level and THAT is why this project is destined to succeed.


As always with any Kickstarter, there are some fantastic rewards that you can earn depending on your level of donation. From Digital Art, to Character Prints, to Exclusive releases, to Hardcovers to EVEN a HUMAN SKULL! YES, the top level donator level can actually recieve a REAL HUMAN SKULL! Talk about fuckin’ creepy!

So please, support this Kickstarter, make The Creepypasta Comic Book a reality!

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