Kickstarter: Creepypasta Comic Book – UPDATE

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First off, HOLY SHIT! I was alerted by Mr. Creepypasta that they met their goal, after I donated myself, but that was two days ago. The fact that this Kickstarter is at nearly 200% the pledged goal, and STILL has 24 days to go is nothing more than astonishing.

Both Mr. Creepypasta and Vincent Vena Cava were very gracious and thankful that I was able to donate, and I only said that I wish I could give more.  Well, MCP had a solution for that.  It appears that one of the stretch goals is to bring the book to life through an animated motion comic, and they wish to hire me to do my magic. I told MCP flat out, I’ll do it for free if you put my name on it.

FUQ yes

Mr. Creepypasta, when I told him that I’d gladly help out.


Their “super secret” stretch goals are planned for everyone if they manage to hit funding. Each time they reach a goal, a light will go on in this haunted house graphic and the new incentives will be revealed. Backers with a $15 pledge or greater will receive all of the unlocked rewards.

So please, if you haven’t donated to The Creepypasta Comic Book Kickstarter, please do. This is something I haven’t seen the community do in a long time, unify for a common good, so let’s keep this ball rolling, and see how many of those Haunted House Windows we can light up before time runs out. Every penny counts.

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