Barely Squeezing By

In the last month, I have been a part of, at least, seven different projects and that has barely left me any time during the holiday season to work on any of my own works. WELL THAT ENDS NOW.
The task list has been great and I have lost a few vocal chords along the way, but I was able to finish ALL of what was needed to be done, before I could start working on what I wanted to accomplish.

A few of my fans have specifically asked for the quickie creepy stories that I used to do a while back and I figured, why not be giving this holiday season. I will be releasing three new WHP Shorts before December 25th, if my wife lets me.

One, an original story about waiting up for Santa to arrive. One, a short thriller from CREEPYPASTA.COM, and the third, an original holiday poem by myself.

I’ve also given my word that after the holidays, I will be recording a few of my other popular writings for the YouTube community to enjoy.

Make sure you stay tuned for the Christmasey goodness to follow.

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