WHP’s 100th Video – FINAL DETAILS

Well kids, the votes are in and decisions have been made.  I was a little disappointed in the amount of people that participated, so I’ve changed things up a bit.  Please make sure read ALL of this blog post for the changes at hand.

If you followed the rules I set forth, then no worries, you are still in the running.  Actually, my official rules were I would select one catagory of suggestions, then select the lucky winner form that category.  Well, because there weren’t as many entrants as I hoped, I guess I’m just gonna have to dumb it down for you kids next time, I’m throwing EVERYONE in the hat.  no matter WHAT you suggested for how I celebrate WHP’s 100th YouTube video, everyone’s got a chance to win.

So, Murphy… what did you end up choosing?

I’m doing a livestream!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I will be holding a livestream on January 1st.  And here are the details:

WHERE: Murphy’s Justin TV Channel

WHEN: January 1st, 2014, 8pm – 10pm, CST (-600 GMT)

If you haven’t already entered for the Grand Prize, once you join the chat, you will be automatically entered, BUT you have to be present to win.  For those who previously entered from the instructions on the video, since you played along like good boys and girls, you do not… BUT you will miss all the fun.

What will I be doing in the livestream?

That’s a good question… I’ve never done a livestream, so I’ll leave that up to you people who decide to hang out with me for 2 hours.  I’ll read some stories, answer some questions, etc.  And when we near the 10pm mark, I’ll take the list, run it through the randomizer, and BLAM… we have a winner.

Sound good?  GREAT… I hope to see you all there on January 1st.

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