A Bumper is a short piece that you place at the beginning or ending of your video or animation that identifies who you are.  It usually contains your name or production company.

Introduction Bumper (10 seconds) $50.00
Each additional second $10.00
Per Sound Effect $10.00

Titles are a short piece that you place after the Intro Bumper to introduce your video or animation

Title Animation (10 seconds) $25.00
Each additional second $10.00
Per Sound Effect $10.00
Full Animation $75.00 per minute
Per Sound Effect $10.00
Plus 3D Modeling $25.00
Per Timed Animation $25.00
Would you like a certain event to occur at a certain point in the animation? Timing is everything!
Per 1 Minute of Live Video $100.00
Animation not your thing? Add a bit more realism into your project.

Not only do we provide Video and Animation services, but we also can design logos and t-shirts for you as well.

Pencil Sketch B&W or Color* $25.00 – $50.00
Logo Graphic* $75.00 – $100.00
Full Graphic Design* $125.00 – $150.00
*pricing will vary depending on complexity of request
Removal of ‘Created by WHP’ Badge $100.00 f/r*
f/r* = Flat Rate

You can now commission MWHP to add their vocal talent to your project. Soon you will have the smooth taste of Diet Dr. Pepsi for your very own.

Short Recordings [total production time < 10 minutes]
Base Price $10.00
Per Line (additional cost) $0.50 per line
Long Recordings [total production time > 10 minutes]
Base Price $20.00
Per Line (additional cost) $1.00 per line
Added Vocal Effects / Edditing Additional $5.00
Custom Lower Thirds – 10 Seconds Maximum with Alpha Channel $50.00 f/r*
Video Editing – You Supply the Footage $75.00 per minute
The Kitchen Sink $300.00 additional
Have no idea what you are looking for or what you want? Give me a basic idea and I’ll put together a project that will knock your socks off.
Personalized Animations $100.00 additional
Character Animation with Lip-Sync $100.00 additional
Logo Creation $75.00 f/r*
f/r* = Flat Rate

You will own the work and can use it for personal or commercial purposes as long as you abide by these rules:

  1. The ‘Created by WHP’ Badge must remain present for its duration.  If you wish to use the piece without the ‘Created by WHP’ Badge, please see pricing chart above
  2. You must agree to allow Murphy1976 to place a copy of your completed work into his professional portfolio and showcase for future clients to admire.
  3. The purchaser is the only licensed owner of this piece, it shall not be used by anyone other than the purchaser for personal or commerical purposes

WHP and Murphy1976 has the right to deny service to any request that they do not wish to undertake.

If a project is started, and circumstances arise where the project must be closed or cancelled by the requestor, WHP & Murphy1976 will retain a $35.00 labor fee to compensate for the time already spent on the project.

If the project is closed or cancelled by WHP or Murphy1976, then the requestor will receive a full refund.

After you submit your project, I will draw up a standard invoice and will send you a PDF copy of the amount due and how to transfer monies into my PayPal Account.  I DO NOT START UNTIL 50% PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECIEVED. Once your order has been completed, I will send to you your order, low-resolution with watermark. As soon as I recieve the remander of payment, you will recieve the full-resolution non-watermarked copies.

To Start your WHP Project, please fill out this form and click SUBMIT PROJECT

Character Limit 500

Character Limit 200