WHP Celebrates 10K Subscribers

Last I checked, I was around 9.2K on the subscriber count for YouTube… so you know what that means??


Now, since subscribers come in at a random rate, I have no idea exactly WHEN I will cross the 10K threshold, but when I do, you be damn sure to hear about it. So what is Murphy gonna do this time? Well I’ve always been a fan of game shows, some of my favorites include The Price is Right, Family Feud, The $25,000 Pryamid, and others.. but none of those seemed to be doable in a virtual environment. So I travelled back into the annals of Murphy-Lore and looked at some old projects I created for personal use or for professional use. I made a Family feud board of a company party, but I can’t exactly remember how to use it. Made some other games that would be fun as well. Jeopardy.. Wheel of Fortune…

…and I then I found it.

My mostest favoritest game show of all time. The one that spawned the want “I NEED TO BECOME FAMOUS SO I CAN GET ON THAT SHOW”!

Hollywood Squares! I actually made a working version of Hollywood Squares in Flash about 10 years ago for a website I worked on that randomly plucked nine executives form a pool of about 20. Each had their own introduction and The recognition for three in a row was spot on. It even had the Secret Square Function. Alas, the raw FLA file is long gone, but the dream is still alive.

I have talked to various popular creepypasta narrators, and they have agreed to appear on the show as celebrity squares. I don’t want to give out names, so you’ll just have to wait until the celebration. So, if all I’m going to have on the show is popular narrators, how can y’all win free s#@$?


You guys are the contestants! I’m opening up the floor for EVERYONE! All you have to do is fill out the form in this post and VIOLA.. you are entered. NOW please mind you, there will only be several available slots, mainly because I’m NOT gonna be doing this all night long. So let’s set some ground rules:

What I will do is hold a single elimination tournament of 16 lucky individuals and each will play ONE ROUND of “Creepypasta Squares”, now I already have a shit-ton amount of questions, so we’ll make this even more inclusive! In the form below, please send me questions that deal with Halloween or Horror Movies, or Halloween History, or ANYTHING dealing with the Creepypasta creatures or stories, NOT THE NARRATORS! If I select a question from you, I’ll make sure to give you a shout out during the broadcast.

SO.. 16 individuals will make the actual contestant cut. Each pair of contestants will play ONE ROUND of Tic-Tac-Toe and the winner of that round will move onto the next round.

Each new round, I’ll switch up the narrators in the squares. Because, let’s face it… I don’t think Mr. Creepypasta wants to be center square all the time!

The FINAL ROUND, when we have two contestants left, will be a full best out of three match, y’know… for suspense.

The runner up will receive The Brand New WHP Inmates Customized Football Jersey. Personalize name and number on the back.

The grand prize winner will receive The WHP Inmates Football Jersey, plus jester cap BOTH signed by me.

I’ll probably change these prizes up, so please stay tuned!

Now, since there is NO set date for the event, I’m going to leave the entry form completely open for now. But as soon as the numbers get closer, I will make the date, and set a cut off point for people to enter.

REMEMBER, in the game of Hollywood Squares, all you have to do as a contestant is either AGREE or DISAGREE with whatever the square’s answer is.

So, why not join us for some fun, help me celebrate another milestone, and let’s keep the sub count growing!!

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