WellHey Productions is now Open for Business!

It’s been a long couple of months and a lot of hiccups on the way. Programing errors, video acquisition, thumbnail creation, not to mention switching hosting companies and the nightmares of transferring the domain, but it’s finally done. WellHey Productions can release it’s neuro-toxin… I mean, we can release our insanity to the deserving public.

Some of the sections might seem quite empty, but we have enough content to get a start going. Soon we hope to have more crazy videos, display some of our Flash magic, and even some great tutorials so that ALL can learn the ways of the ninja like monkey.

Like before, in our Sticky post, we encourage you to write in and give us your requests. What would YOU like to see? What would YOU like to learn? Would you like fries with that? Can I get a babysitter?

i was on a roll, sorry ’bout that…

So drop us a line on our contact form and let us know which direction you would like us to go and if we’re doing a great job or not.

Founder, WellHey Productions

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