WellHey.com is Getting an Upgrade!

Well it’s about god-damned time, right? I’ve noticed more and more over the years that the site was running slower and slower, images weren’t loading, and even I would get connection reset errors as soon as I would go to a new page on the site. THIS WAS NOT ACCEPTABLE! So I talked to my web host, and they alerted me that I had exceeded my bandwidth allotment by a pretty huge margin. This would result in the issues I was having. That was one year ago. And I’ve been pushing it back, and pushing it back until finally I realized… I’m going to be making some public appearances soon, and I’m going to be handing out business cards with the website URL on them. I need to make a good impression! What kind of dope would I be if I send people to a site that doesn’t load?

So I bit the bullet and got my site upgraded to a faster server, more space and more bandwidth. The only issue is the migration from the old server to the new server will take about 7-21 days, depending on how many other sites are ahead of me in line. So you may see a dramatic improvement in site performance soon, or within the next 3 weeks, it all depends.

You may also notice that we have a brand new section in the sidebar “TWITCH STREAMS”. This is just one other way I can help promote my friends with Twitch Channels and myself when we go live on Twitch so you can stop in and enjoy the fun of us idiots playing video games.

With the added speed and improvement of site performance, you may see some other changes to the site within the next few months. Top of my priority list – FAN ART GALLERY! I do NOT like how it loads EVERY SINGLE IMAGE all at once. That’s a fail in my book, the gallery should load about 16 images or so, and then have some pagination on the top and bottom so you can page through all the images and it would severely cut down on page load time in the process.

I’m also looking for some other interactive social media widgets, that will expand the sites overall usefulness, so that it’s more than just a blog, but a place where you can hang out as well.

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