Welcomes and Introductions

Good evening, my dear reader. I’m glad you could join me for tonight’s special occasion: I’m pleased to welcome you to the new and improved WellHey Productions website!

My name is Stephanie Swan Quills, but you can call me Stephanie or Miss Quills if you prefer. I’m an up and coming narrator, writer and singer and am now a member of staff at WellHey.com! It’s an honour and a privilege to contribute to the blogs of this website, and to be part of such a wonderful team of writers, narrators and artists. When I started narrating back in February 2015, I couldn’t begin to imagine being such close friends with Murphy, let alone working with him. He’s one of my narration idols, mentor, and one of my dearest friends, and I count myself truly blessed to be invited to take part in the growth of this website.

That’s all well and good, I’m sure you want to know what I’ll be contributing to the site! Murphy’s been wonderfully open, and permitted the staff to write essentially whatever we like, but I think it’s only fair to give you an idea of the direction I’m planning on heading in.

I’m currently studying a Master’s degree in London, and I thought I’d discuss interesting things I discover around town as I grow as a writer and narrator, and other things pertaining to my passions. This may include:

  • Movie and book reviews
  • Discovering stylish bars
  • Samples of my writing and art
  • Upcoming projects (primarily narrations)
  • Important updates to the site/life in general

While this isn’t my first experience with professional blogging, it’s the first time actively receiving feedback from readers. If there’s anything you’d like to see me talk about, leave a comment below so Murphy and I can see it!

Here’s to 2016, to new horizons, and to WellHey Productions! Cheers!


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