Published on January 20, 2012 by Old Man Murphy

In the spirit of kicking the economy back in gear, I decided to drop about $5000.00 into a new invention I saw on QVC called The Clonix 5000. The Clonix 5000 is the first personal cloning device. Simply stick whatever you want cloned into the main chamber, press the big red button and BOO-YAH-KA-SHA, instant clone.

What I didn’t factor in, is that my son is an evil genius. He silently slipped into The Clonix 5000 and before you could say “horny rabbits”, I now have 500 children.

This video is a record of my phone conversation with the customer support of the company that invented The Clonix 5000, Rothberg Unlimited.

If you wish to order your own Clonix 5000, you can order online at:

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