Published on June 10, 2014 by Old Man Murphy

If you haven’t heard about it now, there was a stabbing in Wisconsin where two 12-year old girls stabbed another 12-year old girl, all to please Slenderman. Although, most of us in the creepypasta community have very personal thoughts about this tragic event, we all wanted to come together and to do something good.

On June 13th from 12noon to 12noon June 14th, the creepypasta community will be hosting a live stream event to raise funds for the victim and her family AND for the Safe Horizon Charity for victims of home and community violence and abuse. You can contribute and show you support in many different ways.

First, you can watch the live stream, which will be on Mr Creepypasta’s YouTube Channel. He has agreed to donate 100% of the earnings of the live stream to the fund. So by simply watching, you are helping.

Second, you can go to our fundraising site and donate.

Third, all of the funds are set up with US Bank. If you are near one and you wish to donate, simply walk in, inform the teller that you wish to make a donation to the Narrators uNIGHTed fund, and they will take it from there.

And Lastly, if you simply cannot donate at this time, you can still show support by participating with one of the following actions:

Display either physically or artistically the YELLOW ROSE, which stands for our organization. Please do NOT use the Operator Symbol, as that represents Slenderman in the creepypasta mythos.

Display our slogan “Stand for Creativity, not Reality”

Print out and display this poster.

Simply snap a picture of yourself, or your artwork and send your picture to

We will be displaying all images and artwork in a slideshow throughout the entire 24 hour marathon to show all who support what we are doing.

Many of the Creepypasta Narrators have subscribers in the thousands, and if each one of you donate one dollar, it can make a WORLD of difference to the victim, her family and the Safe Horizon Charity.

Won’t you please do what you can to either donate or show your support, and we can prove to the world, that whether its down the street or across the internet, we truly are a great community.

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