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Mad Murphy returns in 2015 with not just one issue tackled but several: Poking The Bear, Lethargy, Open-Mindedness and Inquiry vs Anarchy

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Boy howdy, it’s been a while since I cracked open the anger trunk and rummaged around inside. I hope all of you had a Happy New Year, and have fully recovered from the festivities, cuz this one’s might knock you back a peg or two.


I will be the first to admit, that I have anger issues, but I also think that those anger issues make a huge part of what’s me, me. I know for a fact that I’m not going to get rid of all of them, why? because, there’s nothing wrong with getting angry, as long as it doesn’t make life difficult for anyone else. I’ve had my moments of that, believe me… I have stories that are locked away PERMANENTLY because they would incriminate me. So, I’ve come to terms with the fact, that I have a short fuse and a hot temper, and I’m pretty sure, most of you know this by now.


Are you just that idiotic, or are you deaf? I had, on average, at least one anon. a day, that thinks it would be cute and funny to push all my buttons at once, simply by poking and poking and poking and poking and poking the bear. And then when I explode on them, they have the audacity to play the fucking victim, so I tear them apart more, and then they leave the arena crying “Murphy’s an asshole, he hurt my feelings!”

Let’s look at this logically:

You see a grizzly bear, sleeping in the woods, minding his own business, and you’re filming it. OKAY, it’s key that this event is documented, because it’ll come into play later. So you see this bear, and you think “Y’know what would be super hilarious? If I kicked that bear right in the ass.” Your friends say, don’t do it man, that’s suicide. But you wave them off saying “Nah, it’ll be cool, just watch.” You hand over your camera, and you sneak up to the bear, and land a healthy punt to his hairy hind quarters. This of course, wakes up the bear, growling in pain and he you stand there like an fuck-tard, laughing at him. Then the bear, does something, that shouldn’t be surprising at all. He mauls you to death, and your friends have the whole thing on tape. Of course, your friends will try to spin it that the bear mercilessly attacked you without provocation, but the whole thing’s on tape. And they chisel into your headstone “The dumbass kicked a bear in the ass and got himself killed” Rest In Peace.

You kids need to treat people the same way. If you know someone has a tendency to blow up when you poke at him, why would you do it when he has a nearly perfect win record against other idiots who have done the same thing before you?

The dictionary definition of INSANITY is following the same course of events expecting different results. Well the results are never going to be any different. NEVER. If you poke me, I punch back. I don’t have time to fuck around with you noobs.

Now I know there’s going to be some schmuck that’ll put in the comments, “Well Murphy, y’know they’re doing it just to get a reaction of you. This video is exactly what they wanted.” And to that guy who says that, FUCK YOU! I already fucking know WHY they’re doing it, I’m just warning them, don’t. Just don’t.

I don’t have any problem going BACK to prison.


Just because you don’t think that what I’m arguing about means much to you, doesn’t mean its not worth fighting. I had some peon tell me that just because bullying has always been around, that it’s pointless to argue about it, cuz it will always be here.

Tell that to the thousands of slaves that Abraham Lincoln fought to free.

Yes, we have a ways to go before we can call the civil rights movement a victory, but my God… think of if the South won The Civil War. This would be a completely different country. We’d have no decent music, no funk, no soul, no rhythm, no peanut butter, no light bulbs, no gas masks, no traffic lights, and no super soakers. We’d be in the throes of mediocrity & Budweiser.. but that’s besides the point here.

If you just happen to think that anything I fight for is futile, do us all a favor, get out of the fuckin’ way and let the real adults solve the problems. You are an obstacle, a nuisance, a speed bump, and nothing more. You are the kind of lethargic, apathetic, useless person that has this country in a stranglehold because you are too lazy to do anything. And if anything needs to get done, you always fail because as soon as you need to put any effort into it, you just give up.


We need people who are willing to put forth and effort, people who are willing to try and fail and continue to try and fail until they succeed. We need people that are willing to get their hands dirty. We need people who can think for themselves, both inside AND outside the box.


I have seen this a LOT lately, and it needs addressing. People that scream “I AM OPEN MINDED” the loudest, usually have the narrowest field of vision. Oh, of course they are tolerant of everything they understand in their world, but as soon as you introduce any foreign notion into their “ever-understanding” world, they turn into the biggest bigots and hypocrites.

They are extremely tolerant of everything that they SAY they are tolerant of. They understand what it is, how it works and are completely fine with it. When you introduce something they DON’T understand into the mix, they are usually the quickest to judge, and the harshest with threats and insults.

Organized religion has the brass ring on THAT! You’ve probably heard it from George Carlin before, “What? Your god has a bigger dick than my god? BOMB that brown guy!” It’s a slippery slope when you claim and claim and claim that you are such a good, patient, caring, tolerant, and loving individual. Stick that idiot on the city street, right in front of someone who’s begging for enough change to get a cup of coffee… and where does that compassion go?

Open mindedness is NOT an understanding and tolerance of everything YOU KNOW. It’s an understanding and tolerance of EVERYTHING. Open mindedness is seeing something completely different, maybe not understanding it, but having enough common sense to attempt to understand it, by listening, and asking questions until you do… THEN forming a personal opinion of it. If it’s cool with you, then awesome! If not, then you leave it alone. THAT’S OPENED MINDEDNESS! Not just saying you’re open minded and then thinking that everything outside your comfort circle is wrong!

Of my years on Tumblr, I have really only run into one individual that gave me a moderate amount of grief about this. This self-proclaimed tolerant person, would attempt to chastise me for my opinions, my views and my language. Because I use certain words, that in certain contexts have certain definitions, and even though I was not using said words in said context, that still made me a horrible person. This is a person, whose blog states, that they are a feminist (TRUE feminists being the epitome of tolerance and understanding), proceeded to call me White CIS Scum.

How’s THAT for tolerance!

The laughable thing about this onslaught of ridicule is that this person is a teenager, and on the younger end of the teen spectrum, too. And I think it’s HIGHLY entertaining when a sprout loves to tell me how the real world is. Move out of mom and dad’s, scrounge for rent, collect unemployment, raise a child, pay bills that seem to always escalate and THEN tell me how the real world is.

After the first wave of attacks, if you could call them that, I volleyed back. Like Godzilla versus Bambi, it wasn’t long before this blogger was toast. After proving them wrong time after time after time with these new-fangled concepts called “Common Sense” and “Logic”, they finally issued a public apology. It would have been nice if it weren’t the kind of apology that, instead of just apologizing, included the words “So it looks like we’re BOTH at fault.”

No, no, no, no, no, no, kid. You’re wrong. For claiming that you are open minded and tolerant, and then spitting upon one thing you don’t understand does NOT make you tolerant, it makes you a hypocrite, and your fifteen minutes are up.

All went quiet, then just recently, after I made a big stir playing Foxy in the Five Night at Freddy’s Audio posts, they come back, and comment that they don’t approve of my participation in the fandom, and had the audacity of comparing their involvement with the My Little Pony fandom as a reference. “You don’t see US acting like you do, do you?”

Time for another logic bomb, I am not them, nor they me, so I can do whatever the FUCK I WANT. I don’t give them shit for their involvement with the My Little Pony fandom, so why this intolerable hatred? These people are a joke to me, and always will be. Tolerant people, my ass.

Inquiry vs Anarchy

Say you make a mistake, and you admit that you made a mistake. I know.. foreign concept for most, but stay with me here. Someone has said “YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG!” leaving not much explanation as to WHAT you did wrong. Would you ask what you did wrong? or would you just roll over and take it up the ass?

For some, rolling over is commonplace, for me… nope. Not gonna happen, Charlie. If I did something wrong, you bet your sweet ass I’m going to find out what exactly I did wrong. And if it’s unclear what I did wrong, I’m going to make absolutely sure that I fully understand what I did wrong, so that it doesn’t happen again. Makes perfect sense, right?

Well… Some people have it in their heads that when you ask questions, that means you are challenging their authority. Quite the opposite, it mean you want to understand their authority. If so-and-so has set some rules, and I ask questions about those rules, I am not challenging their authority, I don’t even know how this gets started, but it happens every god damn time. EVERYTIME… my parents even did this, as did teachers, police, managers, bosses, EVERYONE has pulled this same bullshit that if I ask questions… then I am disobedient, and a trouble-maker.

What it really is, is an ego thing. Someone just doesn’t DO what they say, and oooh… watch out Jimmy… you’re causing trouble. Well, am I still doing what I got in trouble for in the first place? No. Am I disagreeing with everything you are telling me when I ask WHY? No. I am just asking WHY. If you set down a rule – and it is not fully apparent what that rule means, I’m going to raise my hand and ask WHY. I have no intention of breaking the rule. I have no intention of undermining your authority. I have no intention of dating your daughter. I just want to understand this rule you have laid before me. I want to understand WHY you have this rule in place. And if I understand WHY these things are the way they are, the more likely I am to obey them without further issue. But, unfortunately… it rarely gets that far.

Case in point. I was in a chat room, and I didn’t fully understand one of the rules. I was reprimanded for violating it, and after the punishment was dealt out, I ask questions about it. I received notification after I left that I was being considered for a permanent ban because I was blatantly undermining so-and-so’s authority.

Its not like it’s going to be an issue in the future, what we were doing wasn’t that exciting to be, and I mainly use it as background noise anyway. But, the principle of the matter. I mean I have some other suspicions about what really went on in there, but I have no proof, so I cannot pursue them. All I wanted to do was make ABSOLUTELY sure that I wouldn’t violate their rules ever again, and I felt that my natural curiosity was under attack, because I did not understand what happened. The forces of Inquiry were confused with the forces of Anarchy, and THAT is how it is always seen.

Humans are a naturally inquisitive species. That’s how we find out the answers to everything. We start off when we’re two years old: Why is the sky blue? Why in the sun hot? How does the tv work? We ask these questions because of our desire to learn. Now, you can treat these questions two different ways, you can encourage them by answering as much as you can, or you can see their quest for knowledge as a threat. Don’t believe me? Ever heard your parents say the phrase “BECAUSE I SAID SO!” No? Wow… what a glorious universe you must live in. I don’t know about you, but THAT excuse never flew with me. I was all about finding out why, why this, why that, why do you think the way you do, why do you do the things you do, why do you put these rules into place… It’s all about understanding one another.

I honestly believe this goes hand-in-hand with Open Mindedness. People ask for tolerance. People protest FOR Tolerance. People riot because of INTOLERANCE. People just want to be understood, it’s a natural need to be understood, because when you are understood, you are accepted, not necessarily agreed with, but your opinion has been deemed valid. THAT is something everyone on the face of the planet wants, simply to be accepted as a human being with dreams and goals and ideas and opinions. We don’t NEED to be right all the time, we just need to be validated.

So we have this general need to be accepted, well how do we do that? Its easier than you think. We do research. Well here’s this guy that has these opinions that I think are truly horrible, but I bet if I found out more about this guy, I will understand WHY he has these opinions.

So how do we understand WHY? WE ASK QUESTIONS!

The answers aren’t just going to come to us in some biblical “CARRIED DOWN FROM UP ON HIGH” Miracle! You have to do the leg work, you have to read the literature, and you have to ask questions. So what I just experienced is a paradox of what-the-fuck-itis!

People naturally have a need to be accepted, but when you ask questions to understand them more, you are chastised for asking questions, therefore you know even less than you know now, because these idiots just threw in another series of questions that now you wish to know why about, and the retarded spiral just keeps going and going until you’re left with a brain full of Cool-Whip and tend to wet the bed.

How the fuck are we going to get to that level of understanding and tolerance when you stop me at every fuckign turn? You made a rule, I don’t get it, just explain it and I’ll be on my merry fucking way! I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong. It’s your chatroom, you have every right to make up any rules you want, just be prepared to answer questions if people start asking.

Hey, uh.. why is there a rule that you can only end each sentence with a preposition?

Because that’s the type of mentality I’m used to dealing with.

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