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Thank you for joining me to what I hope will be a lasting new segment on WellHey Productions. Being an active member of Tumblr you see a whole mess of immature s#&@ and I like to deal with it in immediate and creative ways. Unfortunately, there is just so much BS that it still builds up. So I am simply using the public platform to simply get this crud off my chest. I may be right, I may be wrong, but these are my opinions and we are all entitled to them. Speaking of Entitled, that’s what we’re talking about tonight: Entitlement and Labels, and I HATE BOTH!

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We’ve all run into that one person who thinks the world owes them something just for being born.  Why don’t I have my own show? Why don’t I have a record deal? Why don’t I have a penis? Why don’t I have a million dollars? I can just insult anyone I want, just because I can.

Someone get me my Sterilization Hammer!  these people need to be removed from the gene pool.  It seems a large percentage of the entire world thinks that just because you were born, that you should get a trophy.  Why? Last time I checked, your MOTHER should be getting that trophy.  She had to put up with your kicking and turning and weird cravings, and lack of sleep and general pain and uncomfortability for nine months, only to have the entire thing come to a head and deal with more agonizing pain and possibly vaginal trauma for evicting your ass from her body.  Then what do you do for the next 18 years?  Bitch and moan that life’s not fair, the world sucks, your parents are stupid and you just HAVE to have the latest smartphone because Jenny down the street has one.

What the FUCK is the matter with you?

I’ve also noticed that the biggest and whiniest of these ingrates still live at home and have no plans on moving out of mommy and daddy’s place any time soon.  This is a message for mom and dad. Kick ’em out!  Just do it. Trust me… every bird needs to learn how to fly, and allow them to stick around is NOT helping them.  Say something happens to mom and dad and baby bird is all alone… what then? How will baby bird survive? Sad fact, they won’t!

It is the job of the parents to arm their child with the skills that they will use to survive and thrive in the future.  It is the job of the parent to develop the talents that will allow their child to thrive.  It is your JOB to make sure your child function without you when they are old enough.  I bring this up mainly because I think this entitlement thing did not happen over night. There is an entire generation of parents that want their kids to be their friends.  They will bend over backwards to make sure that their kids LIKE them.

IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO MAKE THEM LIKE YOU. If you do you job correctly, then your kids will like you on their own.  YOU CANNOT FORCE LOVE, and I think this is where this whole entitlement thing stems from.  Parents spoil their kids, and when the kids have to make it on their own, they found out very quickly that, that shit don’t fly in the real world.  But they complain and whine so much, the real world didn’t know how to take it, so it just buckled.. and now… it’s everywhere.

Why don’t I have a corner office? Why don’t I get a raise? Why don’t I have a company car? Why don’t I have this? Why don’t I have that?


Now, I’m not saying I’m an authority on the matter, but I’ve gone through my fair share of obstacles in my life and I am thankful for everything I have. Why am I thankful? BECUASE I EARNED IT!  Not much was simply handed to me, simply because my parents thought it a good idea that if I worked my butt off, I would appreciate things more…. crazy I know… but guess what… it works.

I never look at an issue as a “OH MY GOD, WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW?” I see them more as, “AGAIN? REALLY? OK.. HERE WE GO.” moments.  A lot has been thrown at me, and if it hasn’t… I know I’ll be able to deal with it accordingly.  How does this compare to one of the entitled? Put this image in your head.

Kim Kardashian, all alone, with a dead smart phone, and a flat tire on her car.

Just let that sink in for a bit.  I have seen people flip out over the simplest shit that would drive any blue collar worker absolutely fuckin’ nuts.  They are simply not prepared for anything that life throws at them, and their first reaction is always the same… ALWAYS THE SAME!



It never will be fair, ever ever ever ever never be fair!  Life’s got this crazy little thing called Karma that loves to fuck with people.  Life deals you a bad hand, you decide that you are too important to deal with it, Karma’s just going to come along and make it fuckin’ worse!  You wanna complain some more… BAM.. Karma’s got her big old donkey dick up yer ass now, you are Karma’s BITCH.

So what can anyone do about it?  Well first off, if you are actually asking this question, you are already better off than millions of retards that are still waiting for their ship to come in.  And there’s millions of things you can do to better yourself, and the sad thing is, is that you already know 900,000 of them.  Ask questions, take a class, start a new hobby, read more, LISTEN… that’s a big one.. listening can increase your usefulness in society by 100%.  if you are willing to listen to what other people think of you, or what you could be doing to better yourself.. OH MY FUCKIN’ GOD NANCY… you will already be so much better than you have even dreamed.


The main reason I pair LABELS with ENTITLEMENT, is because, in my mind… if you feel entitled… you need to label yourself.  It’s like ranking and comparing yourself to everyone else.  You just HAVE to be different.  You can’t be like anyone else, because we are all different, you have nothing in common with anyone else, and therefore you have to attach a special tag that gives you a sense of purpose and drive that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and hopefully be noticed for your ingenuity and thoughtfulness, when in fact you simply don’t like the other idiot that is sitting right next to you and you want to remove yourself from them as far as possible.  You greedy little cunt!

C’mere… let me kick you in the teeth!  I absolutely HATE labels. WHY… WHY. WHY do we need any more reason to try to separate ourselves from the rest of everyone when we should be teaching each other that no one’s really that different from anyone else.  Don’t believe me?  OK… let’s take a quick survey:

  • Do you, want to be loved?
  • Do you, want to be listened to?
  • Do you, want to have friends?
  • Do you, want others to respect you?

If you answered yes to at least ONE of these questions, then you are now in the greater collective called THE HUMAN RACE.  No more transgender. No more cis-priviliged. No more black, white, yellow, red, purple, green American, or whatever… just be You, or be Sally, or Murphy, or Jimmy, or Bombshaquitalafondria.  There is only one acceptable label in my mind, and that is what’s in the space marked FIRST NAME on your birth certificate.

But Murphy, what if I don’t like who I am? How is that everyone else’s problem?  How is the fact that you don’t like who YOU are any concern of anyone else’s?  This is what labels do… they project your bullshit onto others and force them to recognize that you simply cannot deal with what life throws at you.

But I don’t like the fact that I feel that I’m a woman that was born in a man’s body, and I need you to recognize that.

Fine!  I don’t like the fact that the doctor nearly botched my circumcision so now I have a giant scar down the length of my penis, and I don’t give a shit if you recognize that or not. That’s my shit that I have to deal with, and I try not to make it anyone else’s business, except now… But there’s still a big difference.  I may not like my personal imperfections, but I deal with them the best I can.

EVERYONE has issues.  EVERYONE! YES, EVERYONE!  YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Anyone who tells you that the don’t have issues either doesn’t know about them or a god damn liar!  I will repeat NO ONE IS SPECIAL!  Your problems are not my problems, and it makes you the asshole if you even FATHOM the thought of making your problems my problems.

This topic is actually begin to dovetail to another topic that I will bring up next time, My Beliefs, so we’ll stop now and continue with that for the next issue.

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