Published on April 1, 2014 by Old Man Murphy

Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone. As promised, I actually decided to make my return a few days early to tell everyone about the new site, so you can check that out whenever you want.

For this year’s April Fool’s celebration, I saw Jimmy Fallon do this thing with Brian Williams and I thought, HEY, any good idea is worth stealing. So I begged and pleaded with the boy and he helped me out… a great deal and we were able to put this together, just for you guys.

After listening to the video several times, I noticed that it may be hard to hear, so.. we’ve added subtitles for those that can’t understand what Murphy Jr. is saying. My suggestion is this: Watch it once to hear the lyrics, then watch it a second time for the visuals.

If you don’t laugh, I have failed as a jester.

Happy April Fool’s Day, inmates!

Bust A Move – Young MC (1989)

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