Uprising – Character Plates

One of my upcoming projects is an animation based off of a few things. It’s a cross between 1984, V for Vendetta and Metropolis. The animation will feature a song called “Uprising” by Muse and will star my friends in The Misfit Society. I would tell you the story, but then why would you want to wait for the animation to come out? You already know what will happen. I can clue you in on a few things. I have chosen to use Art Deco as the style of artwork… Why? Why Not? Vivid colors and high contrasts mixed with simple geometric designs… to put it simply… very powerful stuff! And to gear my mind closer and closer to when I will start animating, I have created character plates of all the stars in this production. To keep in style with Art Deco, I have chosen a simple color palette: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black; each character represents a color. Each character also has a super power, but you’ll have to wait to see what those are as well.

The other clue you get is the song that I’m using, “Uprising” by Muse. Google it… you’ll get a good idea of the theme of this piece will be. And without further ado, here is your starting lineup for THE REVOLUTION!


  • Chris Isenhour 6 years ago

    Yeah I’d definitely like my plate for an avatar. This is going to be pretty sweet when it’s done Murphy. Misfits Society: Representing Truth, Justice, and The American/British/German Way… Wait? Who thought up this slogan? Oh I did, so it must be genius and I just don’t know it yet.

  • TheCreepyRealms 6 years ago

    Looking forward to it, amazing artist. This will be extremely interesting to watch. Thanks alot Murph ;).

  • MorbidButterflyProd 6 years ago

    OMG! I look so pretty. As does everything else. I’m so excited to see this. I got the shivers Murphs.

    You’re a wonderful artist…

    • Murphy1976 6 years ago

      I like to dose out my surprises at an even pace…. that way, I don’t peak too early.
      If you want to use your plate as your avatar, I can make that happen. This goes for all of the Misfits.


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