Unwanted Guests

I’ve noticed lately with more and more subscribers to my YouTube channel there has been more and more traffic to the site. And with added traffic to the site, means added subscribers to the site. And, of course, added subscribers to the site means a landslide of spammers.

So, in keeping up with modern forms of technology, I have added a new setting to the new registration process. You now have to go through a verification process. You register your username and email. You will get a message stating that you must check your email for a verification link. Once you have clicked on that link, THEN you will get your password mailed to you.

Hopefully this is as far as I’ll have to take security measures, the next step would for the site administrator to personally approve all new members, and I really don’t want to go that far.

**UPDATE** 3/2/13 8:23am CST

Well that was quick. I finish this post, go to bed and I wake up to a list of new android users. Unfortunately, made the switch to admin approval of all new users, so registering will not be an automatic process anymore. My apologies for any inconvenience.

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