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So a few months ago, I saw that someone I follow on Twitter was promoting an internet radio station called SCRM Radio, and that they would be a featured contributor. I quickly replied “I wonder how I can become a contributor?” I definitely have some writings under my belt, been publish ed a few times, have close to 450 videos on YouTube so I could help contribute to the on-air talent as well as possible writings for other narrators to use.

I was then instructed to contact SCRM on their Twitter account. I sent the station a friendly direct message and was instructed to contact the owner. So, I did so. Little did I know that the individual running the SCRM Radio Twitter account WAS the owner, and a humorous and friendly conversation ensued. I sent them some of my favorites writings and links to my favorite narrations. A few weeks later, I am greeted with the fantastic message that I will be featured on SCRM Radio narrating one of my favorite stories “The Strangest Security Tape I’ve Ever Heard“.


Since that message, I’ve been in contact with the owner of SCRM Radio on how she tracks her numbers and when exactly my narration will be broadcast.

So I urge ALL OF YOU, to follow SCRM Radio on Twitter (@SCRMRadio) and make sure you listen, not only to me, but the voices of the rest of the on-air talent: Auntie Creeps (@AuntieCreeps), Dr. CreepenVanPasta (@f1morgancole), Immunity Zero (@ImmunityZero), Isaac Thorne (@IsaacThorne) and Mr. Creepyasta (@MrCreepyPasta0) plus many more.

Listen to SCRM Radio HERE

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