The Old Man Got Himself Published!

So… I went and did a thing a while back, and it’s finally a reality. I got myself published. No, not on a website or anything like that, which was still an awesome experience, but I just one-upped that. I got published in an ACTUAL BOOK! You’ve probably seen posts all about it in the last few days, and I have super excited to get my hands on a copy.

That’s right! Mr. Creepypasta asked me to submit one of my numerous writings for the book, so I gave him my most popular piece, The Nice Guy. The work itself has gotten some fantastic comments on it after it was published on, and after MCP narrated it on his channel, it has grown to a level of popularity comparable to Mr. Widemouth or Eyeless Jack. And that’s just where I want it to be, right in the middle of the fray. This comes at a time where I almost feel a bit guilty about this. My brother has been trying to get his novel published for years now, and I just write this shit for fun, and one of my best friends strolls up to me and says ‘Hey, you wanna be in a book?’

I asked MCP to kindly provide me some photos of my entry in the book, since I most likely will not be getting my copy until I see him and Creepy Rainbow Pasta in November for their nuptials, because I just needed to see it, it would make it all the more real for me.  My favorite of the entries is the Bio paragraph that was written, I actually laughed out loud because is was absolutely perfect. I was even more impressed with the use of the word ‘brazen’ which couldn’t have described me any better.  This could possibly launch some of the authors in the book their own writing contract, which would be AWESOME,  but honestly, I don’t know if I would be happy with that. Yes, I enjoy writing, but not enough to switch careers. From what I have been told by MCP, the book is taking off better than expected and bringing in some fantastic numbers and making some of the best charts on Amazon.

So go out and get yourself a copy today. You can find it on, at your local Barnes&Noble and even Walmart. But, if you’re lazy like I am, then I have put together a set of links where you can simply CLICK and buy on all three online stores.

But I have to note that MCP wants to make sure that you go out of your homes and apartments and buy the book personally. Ask for it by name, demand that they carry it. Incite a Riot (please no destruction). Start up a petition! Phone your Congressman. Talk to your State representative. Write a letter to the President. Bomb the Russians! Shave Donald Trump’s head. This book must take the world by storm! Start a Colony on Mars. Carve your message on a Martian Lake bed. Send a probe to Uranus! Let the galaxy know, The Creepypasta Collection is in stores now!

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