The Loaner

About 2 weeks ago, I was having some severe problems with my smart phone. So I told my wife and my son that I was going to take my phone to the retailer down the street. Since the phone was still under warranty, they would be able to fix it for free, but while it was in the shop, I would have to use a loaner.It was a scratched and faded Samsung flip-phone. It reminded me of the very first cell phone I ever had, and I hated it immediately. Stil in the store, I went through the phone and began adjusting some of the defaults settings to make it more???. me. And while doing that, I stumbled upon the stored photos folder. It contained only one photo.I thought that being a reputable company such as this, they would have wiped any loaner phone clean when returned, I just chalked it up to some kid behind the counter doing a half ass job.I opened the photo and struggled to discern what the image was, since the screen on this phone was so tiny. I tilted, I rotated, I squinted and I flipped. My eyes grew wide as I finally recognized what the picture was of.

I went back to the service counter and told the technician to please call 9-1-1, then showed him the picture.

It was my wife, and son, lying down… in a pool of blood.

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