The Grim Zodiac 1.2

Version 1.2 of The Grim Zodiac is up and running , here are the mods to the app.

Version 1.2 modifications

  • Added loading bar
  • Added version tracker
  • Added sharedObject to prevent multiple attempts

[swf], 640, 480[/swf]


  • Sythe_The_Noble 4 years ago

    I Am The Deviant – The Path He Walks Is Beyond Your Mortal Comprehension.
    Seems Legit… Though Could You Have Stories Tie Into The Elements.

  • Catilynherrington 5 years ago

    Yeah I can u help me?

  • Lady Dee 5 years ago

    Haha,I am The Wicked: Sinister in nature, HER true intentions are never known.
    Awesome zodiac :3

  • Jaidan collins 5 years ago

    i tried it 3 times. 1st: obscure 2nd & 3rd: the chosen

  • Ruben 6 years ago

    Ahhh darn I’m the fool… D:

  • ThatRandomChild 6 years ago

    I am The Chosen: He who has been deemed worthy to continue the legacy of his predecessors.

  • TheCreepyRealms 6 years ago

    I’m the Surreal. My perception of reality will come under my merciless scrutiny. Take care, Murphy, I will twist your reality.

  • Spammi 6 years ago

    hmm the cursed tragedy and doom are all too familiar words to me

  • Carolina_D 6 years ago

    BTW, just want to let you know I am enjoying your sites, all the more cos you don’t make us jump through hoops just to leave a comment. Ah, I remember the days when this was considered ‘normal’. I really MISS those days. I even miss the BBs. But, so often on other sites, even AFTER jumping through their hoops my comments never appear. It might be the fault of my computer, or their code. Also, the fact that I refuse to allow 3rd party cookies often has a lot to do with it…that’s one hoop I will NEVER jump through. At the end of my ‘session’ on the net, I generally delete the majority of the rest of the cookies as well. I keep the ones I think I need, but the rest are gone. The net seems to be ruled by bullies these days. Write a story about some of them getting their ‘comeuppance’. Maybe their cookies turn into demons? Heck, I’m not a writer…but YOU sure are.

    • Murphy1976 6 years ago


      I appreciate your love for the site. But, if you could, next time, just send me an email via the contact page:

      I would like to free up as much space on each individual piece for comments onto pertaining to that piece. But thanks again…

  • Carolina_D 6 years ago

    Oh, no ToonJester5. I am ‘The Chosen’…He who has been deemed worthy to continue the legacy of his predecessors. All well and good, except for the fact that I am a ‘she’, not a ‘he’.

  • ToonJester5 6 years ago

    I am The Chosen. Forgot the desc.

  • Mr.CreepyPasta 6 years ago


  • Omegared1982 6 years ago

    I am The Ancient. I may never get to leave the mental hospital, but I will survive. Murphy great work on the redesign.

  • CreepyPastaJr 6 years ago

    I am the Obscure. The Solitude I carry with me is my burden to bear. (aka Forever Alone)


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