The Death of

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. but the fact of the matter remains, is no longer around. It died peacefully in February, and all of it’s resources are being assimilated into Twitch. Because my channel is “wellheyproductions” and my channel was “oldmanmurphy76”, I have opted NOT to rescue my old channel, and start fresh for my 10K celebration, which will be taking place at the end of September 2014.


Why is being shut down? pioneered live video on the Internet and spawned one of the largest video platforms ever: Twitch. was officially renamed Twitch Interactive Inc. in February of 2014 and Twitch is now the focus of the company’s resources. Unfortunately that means we need to shut down We thank all of our broadcasters and viewers for 7 years of live video memories.

Where can I broadcast now?
If you are interested in broadcasting any video game, or gaming-related content, please check out For other types of content, there are a number of live sites still out there who support live video broadcasting: YouTube, Ustream and Livestream, for instance.


What does this mean for you?

Not a whole lot. I only live stream on special occasions. I would LIKE to live stream more often, but time is not something I have in abundance. The link in the head of the site WILL be removed.

Yes, it is sad for me to see go, but I’m fairly confident that Twitch will not only pick up where Justin left off, but only improve what we can so as broadcasters. Will I be broadcasting on Twitch? Probably not. Twitch is more for gaming. I’m not into gaming as much as I used to, but I do have a Let’s play or two planned for the future, but those will all be pre-recorded.

A moment of silence please.

OK, that’s enough.

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