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Star Wars Knowledge
Matt is an eccentric individual. His love for Star Wars and Nintendo has made him revert to the permanent mindset of a child. When he is not dawdling about in his room (which he has stupidly named “The MattCave”), he is helping out on the WellHey site and stream. Matt runs a youtube channel with the same name as his aforementioned bedroom where he talks about and plays video games. Like Murphy, Matt used to narrate creepy pastas under the moniker CreepyPastaTheThird. He has since retired that channel.

The Matt Cave's Latest Blog Posts

PC or Console Gaming?

1 year ago Hey, everyone, Matt here! So, if you are a human being, and have an internet connection, chances are you've come across a debate about video games. Whether or not Sonic The Hedgehog is a dying franchise, is Game Freak running out of ideas for [...] READ MORE

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a step in the right direction.

1 year ago "This will begin to make things right." First line spoken in The Force Awakens. How prophetic. I'm gonna make this as spoiler-free as I possibly can. So, recently the new installation in the Star Wars saga was released in theaters. It has been [...] READ MORE

Matt – An Introduction

1 year ago Hello, everyone, my name is Matthew Fike, and I am a staff member here on the WHP site. Seeing as how you'll be seeing a blog post from me at least once a week, I feel like you should know a thing or two about me. First and foremost, I love video [...] READ MORE