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DaBird is a 24 year old go with the flow kind of guy,  When he is not playing games or watching movies he can be found either working on a new video or attempting to write a story.  When he's not doing any of this though He is running his youtube channel under the pen name CreepyPasta Raven. Like Murphy, DaBird to his own surprise has quite a large fan base in the creepypasta community, to him this is a mystery in its own self. However when DaBird truly isn't doing any work or aimlessly goofing off, he can be seen reliving one of his favorite past times in the form of developing screenplays. He truly wishes to relive that moment when his screenplay "somewhere dot dot dot" Was nominated for best story at the Phoenix Film Festival. Although he may not show it, DaBird seeks out ways to advance himself in his career on a daily basis, always coming up with and scraping ideas. DaBird is truly an enigma of a man, but one thing is for sure he wishes to better himself and prove that he is capable of great things.

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