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The Long Goodbye

I died on a Thursday, if I recall correctly. I could easily blame it on the weather, but it was a nice sunny day, not too bright, not too cold, and I just wasn’t paying attention. I just HAD to see who texted me… a telemarketing text. When I looked [...] Read More

WHP Celebrates 10K Subscribers

Murphy's creepin' up on 10K subs. Find out how you can help celebrate and win some free s#@$ in the process! Read More

Why?! Random Recruiter? WHY?!

What is Murphy's stance on Recruiters? You should see the latest recruiting letter he received and judge for yourself if you should work with recruiters or be your own salesperson. Read More


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and with the HUGE success of “The Nice Guy”, I thought I’d dive back in tot he writer’s desk and pull out another “work of art”. Read More

New Horizons & The Purge

The Scorpions said it best. "I can feel it everywhere, blowing with the wind of change." How will it effect the WHP Inmates? Read More

The Asylum Record Finally Rolls Out

This post is not longer valid since the newletter has been discontinued It's been a long time coming, but I finally got around to it.  Some of you may already know, but we used to have a Weekly newsletter that was... well... boring.  I've been [...] Read More

Cyberbullying At Its Finest

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been running into more and more cyber bullies in the Creepypasta Nation. A while ago, I had a run in with someone who attempted to bully me by verbally attacking my son, Murphy ain’t [...] Read More

Heads Up

There are gonna be some changes to some things, so this is your official warning. For the next few weeks, I will be taking a much needed break from the Creepypasta genre. I feel that I have been neglecting the reason I got into this business in [...] Read More

Merry Christmas to All

Why are you online? Shouldn't you be spending time with your family? FOR SHAME! Read More

Cold Oblivion

I don't have much time left. I must recant my tale before my time is up, before I fade out of existence. The first thing I remember is waking up outside. It was snowing out and I was, naked. I felt dozens of children's hand about my head and body, [...] Read More

That Thing Up There

There it is again... That slow high-pitched metal rattle followed by a soft whimper. It is really starting to freak me out at this point. I know there is something up there, but I???m too scared to look. I have been hiding here all night and [...] Read More

Welcome Back, Murphy

Well, it's been a while. a LONG while. The move has happened, but we're still not 100% out of one location and into our new place, which, for anyone who has moved, knows that it's a HUGE undertaking. There's packing up, loading trucks, [...] Read More

The Erosion of Halloween

Once upon a time, there was a mighty holiday called Halloween. It brought about the fullness of the autumn season, and filled the hearts of many with the fanciful and fantastic. Ghost and devils would wander through your neighborhood as the children [...] Read More


I know now that I am doomed to feel this pain for the rest of my life, or until I can find out where it's hidden. You see, after discovering the secret, I have damned myself to this wheelchair. The doctors say they cannot find any plausible reason [...] Read More