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The Mindset of Nearing a Bucket List Item

Ever since I first heard about comic book/anime conventions and have seen the personalities run a panel, I have always wanted to take part in that magic. That direct line with your fans and followers, to make a physical connection and talk face to [...] Read More

Kickstarter: Creepypasta Comic Book – UPDATE

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Kickstarter: Creepypasta Comic Book

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WHP Celebrates 10K Subscribers

Murphy's creepin' up on 10K subs. Find out how you can help celebrate and win some free s#@$ in the process! Read More

Tragedy in Wisconsin

I awoke on Saturday morning to the sound of sirens blaring by the house at 9:30am nd wondered where the fire was.  Little did I know that the "fire" was just six blocks from my house, or rather stabbing!  WITI Fox News has reported that two 12 year [...] Read More

The Nice Guy – PUBLISHED

Being a published author sure is a nifty feeling! Read More

Secure. Contain. Protect.

I have made the great pleasure of befriending one of the Administrators of The SCP-Wiki and which that I have gotten full permission to add some of the fantastic SCP Objects to my library. With Spring Break soon approaching, I will be planning a [...] Read More

Barely Squeezing By

In the last month, I have been a part of, at least, seven different projects and that has barely left me any time during the holiday season to work on any of my own works. WELL THAT ENDS NOW. The task list has been great and I have lost a few [...] Read More

New YouTube Channel

Thanks to a couple of my fellow Creepypasta narrators, I have finally risen out of the 100 subscriber cellar, and damn it's really bright out here. You can watch my thank you video here: [youtube height="450" [...] Read More
The Ninth Voice

The Ninth Voice

I made this piece to help me with the writing of my next creepypasta piece which I have, obviously named, The Ninth Voice I intend to change the subjects of this piece to reflect those who supply the voices for all of the characters when I record [...] Read More