Photo Shoots – Uncle Death and Cid Highwind

Well boys and girls, here they are. I got the photos from FlashBangPow Photography back and edited and here is the final product. It was hotter than balls when I was in cosplay for Uncle Death. There was no wind in the alley we were in, and the whole length of it smelt like the dumpsters that were fermenting in the center of the way. For Cid Highwind, not as bad, more shade to work with, plus I didn’t have my face melting on me. The jump picture was my idea and Stitch (the photographer) kindly obliged me. I hope you enjoy these sets. I want to thank Stitch, Lizzy, Autumn Ivy and Twin Skeletons for an amazing experience, and I look forward to hopefully working with FlashBangPow again in the future.

Cid Highwind Costume purchased from Cosplay House .

SHOOT 1 - UNCLE DEATH [from Let It Die]

SHOOT 1 - CID HIGHWIND [from Final Fantasy VII]

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