PC or Console Gaming?

Hey, everyone, Matt here!

So, if you are a human being, and have an internet connection, chances are you’ve come across a debate about video games. Whether or not Sonic The Hedgehog is a dying franchise, is Game Freak running out of ideas for Pokémon, and of course, which is better, PC or Console gaming? Now, as someone who loves both for different reasons, it can get a little complicated.

Now, about a year and a half ago I posted a video with my thoughts on the matter that can be found here. In this post, I’m gonna try to dive deeper into my thoughts on the matter. As a life-long Nintendo fan, I’ve had almost every Nintendo system in my lifetime. A majority of my gaming experiences growing up were that of console gaming, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe I would’ve liked to expand my horizons a bit, but what I had at the time was great. A big point PC gamers will bring up is that the graphics are better because you can hand-pick your specs to make games look greater and greater. While that’s nice and all, if you’re main selling point for a game is “it looks beautiful” instead of “the game mechanics are great, and the story is amazing” than, I’m afraid you missed the point of playing a game. A video game is just that, a game, and if a game isn’t fun, than what’s the freaking point? Now, a lousy game can look beautiful, but a polished turd is still a turd. Don’t think I’m bashing on PC gaming as a whole, I love playing games on the PC. In many cases, games that are controlled in first-person are a lot easier to control with a mouse and keyboard, and generally frame rates are a lot better on PC games, but, I’ve never let graphics sway my interest in a game.

With console gaming, a lot of my experiences have been with first party, and third party developers, and I’ve had very little negative experiences with any of them. All have had a good story being told, great controls and game mechanics, and in most cases good graphics for the respective consoles. And, yes, I still am predominantly a console gamer to this day. Do I see that changing any time soon? Maybe if I actually build a decent gaming PC (that may be part of the reason I don’t favor PC gaming as much). I don’t want to seem biased in either direction. I think both methods of gaming have their advantages and flaws, and shouldn’t be as hot button a topic as it is. Why can’t we just get along? Come on, guys, just hug it out.

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