NORWAY’S GOT TROLLS!! And Troll Hunter, a found footage film

I love found footage films. There! I said it! I love the stupid gimick of using a shaky camera to simulate a camcorder. Albeit I’m not an absolute sucker for it (Paranormal Activity can kiss my white ass) but I enjoy few things more than finding a competantly made found footage film.

And while I’m listing my sins for this review, I’ll go ahead and admit… This isn’t exactly a horror movie

*Qucikly ducks behind fence grating to protect himself from thrown bottles*


… Okay. Look. I get that I’ve made a bit of a regular thing with horror films but this one’s got great suspense, good action, fun and well made creatures; It’s just darn good! So just listen to my review of this OOOOONE not horror film and I promise I’ll put some space between this and my next non horror review.

So let’s make like a troll and get stoned and explode, This is Troll Hunter

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