Sorry kids… there will be NO Friday video this week. I’ve been WAY too busy working with the good folks at KBJ Games on there marketing materials for Devil’s Bluff. It’s been a grueling week, and even getting out my usual Tuesday Tales of 4Chan was a bit of a stretch. BUT, I can guarantee that I will be back in force next week with a BRAND NEW SEGMENT!


First, WHP brings you 30 Second Fantasy, a blog run by author, Eric Lange. to help promote the release of his book, I’ve partnered up with him and will be reading some of his stories. I haven’t done any TALES OF HORROR lately, so I have reconnected with Michael Whitehouse and will be reading more of his fantastic and horrifying literature.  The one I have planned hits home since I used to be a bartender.

So make sure you stay tuned, WHP will be back next week.

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