Making the List

I just found out the other day that one of my videos made the elite FEATURED VIDEOS of the CPRU Forums. While that may not be much to a lot of people, it means a lot to me. Why? Well, I’ll tell ya!
First off, It drives up my YouTube traffic. Second, MCP (MrCreepyPasta) has become a subscriber of my YouTube channel, and what that usually means is a good chunk of his 30,000+ subscribers will probably subscribe to me as well. Third, and most important, it says to me that I’m making a good impression with fellow youtubers and creepers (term for those who follow creepypasta).

Here’s the exact entry from MCP in the CPRU Forms:

Those of you who have been around the forums probably know Murphy1976 and MorbidButterflyProd, the newest mods.

BUT do you know them by their Narrator Youtube Handles?! joejozwowski and….. MorbidButterflyProd….

Ok well I thought since they have their new found Mod powers. Now would be a good time to feature a video, and what better video than one animated by Murphy and narrated by Morbid. Morbid’s deeper womanly voice has always been quite beautiful to me and does a great job with this original story written by Murphy. Murphy’s been quite an amazing writer judging form some of his other pastas, and he has a skill that I rarely see form any of the others. ANIMATION. and what a lovely animation it is. I really suggest taking a look at their channels if you haven’t already… or just stick around. I’m sure I’ll be featuring more of their wok in the future.

Good work you two.

-Mr. Creepy Pasta

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