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In the wake of YouTube turning it’s back on the horror/creepypasta community, many narrators have been simulcasting their videos on Vid.Me, which seems to be welcoming us with open arms. We are not abandoning YouTube, it is the standard for videos on the internet, but with their motives and goals constantly changing, and the decision to flag all “non-child-friendly” content PLUS the mass demonetization of many videos, it is getting harder and harder for any creepypasta narrator to make a living off of YouTube.

This is one of the many reasons I manually demonetized all of my videos as soon as my contract with ended. The marketing department of simply didn’t promote me anymore. It was like they wanted nothing to do with my content. Even in writing them numerous times, I never got a response. So I took my business elsewhere. That is to say, I just kept it to myself. From that time up until now, I have received several letters of interest from competitors to pick up my channel and promote it under their company. But from my experience with Broadband, I had a list of questions that I would always reply with, and always received dismal to no answer.

  • What percentage of the ad sharing revenue would I be receiving?
  • What percentage of growth can you guarantee my channel if I sign with you?
  • What examples of success can you show me that have signed with you?
  • What is your standard contract length?
  • What assets and extra content can you offer me if I sign with you?

…just to name a few.

Instead of attempting to answer these questions, the pitch would be come back at me like an audio track on constant loop, or that would be the last I would ever hear from them. It’s sad that these companies want your business, but the moment you start asking questions, they don’t know how to handle it. It was quite pathetic. So demonetized I went.

It’s not like I needed the extra 20-50 bucks every month from my videos. I was just happy that my content received roughly 1.5-2K in views every week. But after the fall out of 2015, the numbers just haven’t been there. I have over 18K subscribers, yet, I’m lucky to pull in 200-300 views.

My good friends, Creepy Raven and Mr. Creepypasta have been endorsing for a while now, and with YouTube’s added douchebaggery of automatically demonetizing and blacklisting videos from search results because of their content, seemed like a better home. Not so much that I’m going to uproot ALL of my videos from YouTube to, but just a friendlier home that will actually support creator content.


We’re a team of twelve humans and six dogs located in Downtown LA who are on a mission to build the world’s most creator-friendly video community. Over 25 million people use Vidme every month to upload and watch videos, and we’re just getting started. Read more about us in Variety and Tubefilter. is small, but shows a LOT of promise. And with more and more creator content, and everyone’s desertion of YouTube, could easily becomes the next home for independent film and video.

I recently applied to become a verified channel on And as of August 22nd – I AM OFFICIALLY VERIFIED. So if you want to check me out there, you can do so by clicking the new SUBSCRIBE button under the current SUBSCRIBE TO WHP ON YOUTUBE button.

It will NOT be an automatic process, I can guarantee you that. I have well over 400 videos on YouTube, and to share them ALL over to is going to take a LOT of time. So please bear with me as I start this new journey. I’ll see y’all on the flipside!

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