For The Rest of September

For the rest of September, WellHey Productions will be bringing you a marathon of how to collect those Objects and Bring Them All Together, not that you should, y’know.  To allow myself some time to prepare of Halloween and November (of which I will not be present), I’m slamming all of you loyal viewers, followers and subscribers with a three week, six-video cavalcade of The Holders.

The audio has been recorded and the videos are being produced as we speak, so Every Tuesday and Friday, for the remainder of September, will be nothing but The Holders’ Series.  Which ones am I releasing?  Well, if I told you that, then you wouldn’t be tuning into ALL of them, just the ones you want to hear, But I will let you know which Objects you should be netting: A Feather, A Painter’s Palette, A Pair of Glasses, A Lute, A Glove and a Clock that runs backwards.

Happy Seeking, boys and girls.

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