Favorite Movie Syndrome

We all have a favorite movie. You know, that one movie that you could watch 672 times, know it word for word, and still be completely willing to watch it for that 673rd time. You know everything that will happen, every twist and turn. But you can’t quit watching.

Sometimes, you just can’t help it. You could have just gotten home from Target, where you had bought a cart chock full of DVD’s, and a Netflix queue full of new movies. But you always go back to your old faithful. You pop up a bag of popcorn, grab a 2Liter of Diet Shasta Cola, and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s… For the 16th time this month.

You know everything that will happen. That Sally Tomato was having Holly give secrets to his lawyer in code. That Fred (her brother, not Paul) would die. You knew that that damn Brazilian would leave her. You know everything that would happen. And yet, you continue to go back.

If you find yourself doing this, congratulations, sunshine, you have Favorite Movie Syndrome.

FMS isn’t necessarily a bad thing, per se. It can just can get very, very boring. You’ve spent countless hours memorizing every goddamn word to Moon River, and waiting on the edge of your seat for Holly to get out of the cab, even though you know she does.

It’s a sense of comfort. For those two hours, you don’t have a worry in the world. You’re focuses on a world that you’ve come to know like the back of your hand, and love dearly. And while watching the same movie 2,796 times can get repetitive, it feels like home to you.

So go forward, dear child. Watch Star Wars, or Good Will Hunting, The Covenant (I don’t judge), or Frozen again. Live your life happily, and enjoy your wonderful case of Favorite Movie Syndrome

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