Dear Customers (An Open Letter)

Dear Customers,

Primarily customers of fast food and quick service restaurants. Actually, one customer in particular. I understand your need for quick service but I would very much like to point out that your expectations are kind of unrealistic.

Let’s break this down real quick.

I work at a quick service pizza place. We do pizza, wings, and a few other things. We are also located in a small town just left of bumfuck nowhere. And when your options for food are us, McD’s and Jack in the box…well what I’m getting at is that the rushes for dinner are pretty bad and guess who works dinner rush everyday she is on without fail? This Chick! And guess who gets to listen to you bitch that your food wasn’t ready the minute you laid down your money? This one right here.

I’m not saying that you can’t be mad ever. Sometimes it’s warranted and when that happens I understand that your upset and I’m even on your side when you want to talk to the manager. But you had no right to do what you did.

There were a total of three people running the whole store and only one person was actually trained to cook (the manager), we told you it was gonna be about an hour when you shuffled your frumpy ass to the counter and you said okay. So why? WHY? Why did you wait two minutes and decide that you had had enough. The lobby was absolutely packed with people who ordered online or called in their orders and you’re just sitting their getting huffier and huffier as people get their food before you.
“Oh look, another person got their food before me!”
Are you fucking kidding me? It’s called THE ORDER OF OPERATIONS! I know you learned it in school, it’s a state requirement. You saw all of those people in the lobby when you walked in. Did you think 50 grown ass adults were hanging out before heading over to the drive in or something?

FUCK YOU. seriously. You are riling people up and giving me attitude, which was backing up cut table because I had to sit there and listen to you bitch about how it was taking to long and that you wanted a manager and how this wasn’t “good business Practice”. Like yeah, let me bring this up at the next board meeting? Are you fucking serious? Just…Fuck you. And stay out of my fucking store.



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