Old Man Murphy

Photo Shoots – Uncle Death and Cid Highwind

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Cosplay Bucket List

It’s official, after finishing my Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII and Uncle Death costumes for the upcoming Phoenix Comic Con, I have been bitten by the Cosplay Bug. And, from what it seems, as soon as you have been bitten, the ideas of what you [...] Read More

The Mindset of Nearing a Bucket List Item

Ever since I first heard about comic book/anime conventions and have seen the personalities run a panel, I have always wanted to take part in that magic. That direct line with your fans and followers, to make a physical connection and talk face to [...] Read More

WellHey.com is Getting an Upgrade!

WellHey.com is getting a much needed upgrade to it's performance. Read all about the deets! Read More

WHP Has Been Hacked!

First off, what does this mean? Not much. Some of the posts that were on this site were compromised, so I was forced to delete them. So far it was only 3 posts, but after this latest time that I was informed that my site had been hacked, I took [...] Read More

For The Rest of September

For the Rest of September, WHP is diving deep on how to bring them all together. Read More

The Long Goodbye

I died on a Thursday, if I recall correctly. I could easily blame it on the weather, but it was a nice sunny day, not too bright, not too cold, and I just wasn’t paying attention. I just HAD to see who texted me… a telemarketing text. When I looked [...] Read More

The Old Man Got Himself Published!

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Kickstarter: Creepypasta Comic Book – UPDATE

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Kickstarter: Creepypasta Comic Book

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Back In The Saddle, Again

I apologize for the lack in Video Activity this week. Two things happened that I needed to deal with. First, Last week's Week-Long Stream took a lot out of this old man, and much sleep was needed to recover.  I think I have learned a very [...] Read More


Sorry kids... there will be NO Friday video this week. I've been WAY too busy working with the good folks at KBJ Games on there marketing materials for Devil's Bluff. It's been a grueling week, and even getting out my usual Tuesday Tales of 4Chan [...] Read More

Time for a Face Lift

You never know how much you need to change things until you step away from them for a little bit and then look at them with a fresh set of eyes. Read More

The Death of Justin.tv

Let us mourn the passing of a great broadcasting tool, Justin.tv Read More

A Letter to WHP about Rape

I recently received a letter from a fan of WHP, and after reading it, I simply could not just let it alone. I am going to post this email AS IS, on this page, but I will be blocking out the name to protect the person who sent me this. I will be [...] Read More