Foreign Exchange Students at Oklahoma Christian

Students from Ibaraki, Japan are given the opportunity to come to Oklahoma City as part of their study abroad program. Short-term exchange students get to visit museums, cultural centers, and go to a Oklahoma City Thunder game. These [...] Read More

Tips on Learning a Language

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to have a foreign exchange student stay as a roommate with me. I agreed to it as soon as I got the email offer, and now, I have a student from Japan staying with me for a month. I’ve been wanting to learn [...] Read More

Tips For Going Vegan

Recently, I’ve been trying to get healthier. Last time I checked, I weigh about 220-225 pounds. I’ve started exercising, but the holidays have made sticking to a schedule difficult for me. Along with exercise, I’m trying to do something I did back [...] Read More

The Mindsweep, and Why You Should Listen to This Amazing Album

The more I write, the more I realize how little you all know about me. Rather than doing an introduction article though, I feel that the best way is to tell you in-depth, rather than just cover a little bit in one big article. So, to kick this one [...] Read More

Lessons Learned in my First Semester of College

With the holidays just in the rear view mirror, and school starting back up for all you youngsters, I figured I'd give you all a simple introduction to myself, and a short list of things I've learned in my first semester of college. So, no need for [...] Read More

Not My Forte, An Introduction to a Very Important Chapter of my Life

Recently, my band recorded our first single. Having the opportunity to finally release music after a year of playing shows has made me reflect back on the band, and the experiences we've had together. It's always been a dream of mine to “make it” in [...] Read More